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Delivery PriceS:

Our array of home and office water delivery plans lets you choose the service that is just right for you. 

We offer:


  • The best quality water for an affordable price
  • 3 & 5-gallon bottle delivery for home or office
  • Hot & cold water dispenser rental and/or purchase
  • Regularly tested for guaranteed purity
  • Purified, Alkaline, and Deionized Water 
  • Scheduled* or on-call** deliveries

Water delivery

  • Dispenser Purchase/Rental - Ask for details
  • Bottle Security Deposit - $40​ (per 5 bottles)

*A service fee may be assessed if scheduled deliveries are not received or lack the minimum quantity. Repeatedly missed deliveries for an account may have the schedule adjusted or placed on hold.

**Allow a minimum 48 hours' notice for non-scheduled deliveries. This does not guarantee a delivery on request as they are first come, first served. Same or next day deliveries will NOT be permitted unless there is an emergency situation, and an additional service fee will apply.

Please contact us if there is any concern or questions regarding your account or schedule.

Your Refreshing Water Choices

Price per 5-Gallon Bottle  

(Purified Water)

$5.50 - $8.25 (depends on area)

$6.00 - $9.00 (depends on area)

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*or two bottle equivalent

$5.75 - $8.75 (depends on area)

Less than 10 bottles

Purified Water To Go  All Rights Reserved

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